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Singing Lessons


If you're an artist, or performer, a few sessions may be all you need to brush up your skills!


Correct or improve the way you sing and learn more about your voice and how it works


Increase your confidence and build on your abilities with the support you deserve...

Taylor-Louise Thomas DipLCM

Taylor-Louise is a fantastically accomplished singing teacher, songwriter, performing-musician and vocalist, with years of experience in the industry and countless qualifications and CPD accreditations to her name. After achieving a University of West London diploma in Musical Theatre Performance, Taylor-Louise moved on to achieve an Extended Diploma from UAL in Performing and Production Arts, as well as training in Estill Voice Figures/Qualities Level 1 & 2, the Vocal Process SOVT Training Level 1 & 2, BAST singing teacher training AND becoming a Vocal Health First Aider. She is the former teacher at Totally RAD Tuition and currently a private coach for Singerverse!


  • NCS Level 3 Counselling Skills

  • QLS, CoE Breathwork Diploma

  • BAST Training for Singing Teachers

  • VHE Teaching Inclusivity & Voice Care

  • Vocal Process: SOVT Training Lv. 1 & 2

  • Qualified AMVHE Vocal Heath Fist Aider

  • London College of Music, Acoustic Guitar

  • London College of Music, Popular Music Vocals

  • Lv. 1 & 2 Estill Voice Trainging Figures & Qualities

  • University of West London, Music Theatre Performance

  • UAL Extended Diploma in Performing and Production Arts

  • Royal Shakespeare Company, Trinity College London Award

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Client Testimonials

Taylor has helped me overcome any insecurities I've had with my voice, through her in-depth teaching methods to reduce vocal tension or stress. She's also given me a deeper understanding of the detrimental effects stress and dehydration can have on my vocals. I've heard such an improvement in my voice!

An incredibly warm, funny, compassionate person and clearly gifted in what she does. Starting as a complete beginner, I was put completely at ease on day one. Now I find her lessons to be a high point in the week and my singing has come a long way in a short space of time.  

Who knew singing could be so much fun! I was apprehensive about learning to sing again as my memories of my school music teachers came flooding back and filled me with dread. Enter Taylor with her warm bubbly personality who only wants the best for you. Lessons are never boring... fun and laughter. I look forward to my lessons with her. 

Taylor-Louise is such a good teacher! She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, kind and so encouraging. She can make it as technical as you want - or not technical. And fun - singing is fun again. Absolutely the right choice of tutor for me. I wholeheartedly recommend her.

I love my singing lessons with Taylor. I have learned so much and my confidence has grown. I really enjoy the sessions as we do have fun.

Before I started singing with Taylor, I had no confidence in myself or my voice. I'd also never sung around anyone before as I was too nervous. However, music has helped me gain more confidence in myself and now I can sing around people. I love the lessons in general and I feel as if I have made a friend that I can trust in Taylor. The lessons are my weeks highlight, I never want them to end when I'm doing them as I'm having fun as well as learning so much about singing which I have a passion for,  I always look forward to the next lesson. Taylor has helped me more than she realises and for that I will always be thankful.

During my time with Taylor my confidence and technique have improved dramatically. Every session is so positive and I feel that my journey as an artist started when I met her.

Perfect! This was a first singing lesson. Taylor-Louise was really welcoming and super friendly. My nerves quickly disappeared and we did a well thought out lesson which had clearly been well planned. I received lots of good basic technique knowledge which was well explained and easy to understand. The lesson was full of encouragement and was really interactive where we sang both together and on my own. The sound studio room is really nice.

I have a lot of fun in my singing lessons, Taylor-Louise is always cheerful and very positive and encouraging. I'm much more confident with my voice and the range and strength have improved noticably. I've been getting compliments from musician friends too which is lovely.

When I came to Taylor-Louise, I had an uncomfortable loud voice and she has given me invaluable tips and techniques to get my voice under control. People actually compliment me on my voice now! 10/10.

Taylor is an exceptional teacher: I've benefited greatly from her knowledge and experience, but most of all the from confidence in singing that flows from Taylors' warmth, enthusiasm and constant encouragement. Lessons are an immensely enjoyable, uplifting experience.

I really enjoyed my lessons with Taylor, she made me feel comfortable right from the start and always focused on what I wanted to get out of it. I feel that I improved a lot. She also taught me some singing theory since I was interested to learn it, and about taking care of your voice.

I really enjoyed my lessons with Taylor, she made me feel comfortable right from the start and always focused on what I wanted to get out of it. I feel that I improved a lot. She also taught me some singing theory since I was interested to learn it, and about taking care of your voice.

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