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Studio Policies or 


Studio Admissions 

No previous training is required. 



To take place either at the studio in person, located in Leamington, online via Zoom, or by phone. 

For in-person sessions rear access for studio via side/back garden gate. 

Parking bays are situated opposite all houses and any free space may be used. Cars can also be parked directly in front of the house on the raised curb - next to the bush. It is not permitted to park on the drive or block the end of the drive. 


Trial Session 

The first session will be held as a trial for both parties to establish if the services provided will be beneficial to the client. 

A trial slot may occur outside of coaching times before an official appointment day/time is confirmed and agreed upon. 


Session Scheduling 

Sessions will be held on a weekly, bi-weekly basis or monthly

Sessions are to last 60 minutes. 

Drop-in and off-peak session (irregular or Fri-Sun) will be charged £5 extra



Correspondence via mobile (07495033434), emails (listed above) or Instagram (@singwithtaylor). 

Please refrain from calling between the hours of 9pm and 8am. 



To gain understanding of your voice and develop your body as an instrument enhancing and gaining full awareness of mind-body-voice 

To strengthen your vocal technique, improve performance, skills, and stylistic qualities. 

Learn various exercises specific to you and understand how and when to use them for song practise or self-study. 

Increase confidence by finding personal/tailored areas of enjoyment 

To discuss anatomy and physiology where necessary – singing is considered athletic and so it is imperative to understand your own set-up. If any physical or mental discomfort then discussion, demonstration or client attempts shall cease to continue. 

To learn basic terminology 


Expectations of the Client 

Clients are expected to be on time for sessions unless notified otherwise. Any early arrivals are to contact prior to attending the session should they wish to begin before their contracted session time. 

Clients are to arrive equipped with their folders, lyrics, notebook/journal, pens, water in a leak proof bottle. Any warm drinks or herbal teas brought in addition to water should be in a flask. 

Note taking during sessions or post-session is vital, this can be in a way of written format, audio recordings or drawing imagery. 

The client is expected to take care of their instrument (voice) including but not limited to: adequate hydration and appropriate sleep. 

Practise should be taking place between sessions to support learning and growth which can include any or all of the following: looking over notes, recapping a session by referring to a recording, memorisation and learning lyrics, researching new repertoire options, marking breathing points, working on exercises and applying techniques and collecting questions to bring to the coach. 


Expectations of the Coach 

The coach is expected to be professional and punctual. 

To be open to feedback and welcome respectful/constructive criticism. 

Sessions will not end before the contracted time unless previously arranged and confirmed by both parties. For any unexpected session changes there will be an offer provided for any inconveniences caused upon the client (see cancellations) 

To cultivate healthy vocal technique and mindset throughout various exercises and repertoire and maintain safe practice.  

Should any voice health related concerns arise or be noticed by the coach, referrals will be suggested to the client such as seeing your GP or ENT. 

To set varying goals; based on the individual, where and when appropriate and encourage independent thinking when developing performance, repertoire and vocal study. 

The coach will maintain upkeep with current vocal practises and continually engage in CPD work for voice sciences and therapies. 

To be committed to safeguarding. 



Sessions must be cancelled at least 24 hours ahead of scheduled time with 1 make-up session offered per month. Any cancellations made within this time-frame will still be charged. 

In the case of on-the-day emergencies clients can request to reschedule the session (once paid in full) within a week for weekly clients, or withing two weeks for bi-weekly clients. Reschedule slots are limited but prioritised for emergency cases. 

An absence of 15 minutes into the session time will be considered an unexcused cancellation and therefore session payment is expected to the full amount. 

Failure to meet these conditions or refusal of payment may result in a termination of future sessions. 



Clients will be charged for session enrolments as follows: £50 per hour.

Payments are to be made on the day of the session for single payments. If paying for a month in advance payments must be made within the first two weeks of the month.

Methods of payment accepted: cash, card, bank transfer, payment link, and PayPal. Invoices supplied upon request prior or post payment. Please note card and online payments are processed by SumUp and take a 1.69% transaction fee via the reader and an2.5% for online payment links.

Bank transfers must be sent to:

Miss T Thomas



Late payments will be subject to a fee of £10 if unpaid: 7 days from the single-payment session and 14 days from the first session for full month payments.


Terminating Sessions 

Notification prior to permanent termination is requested of at least one session in advance. Any last-minute terminations and notifying with short notice will still be expected to either attend, reschedule, pay for or not receive a refund for the next session. 

Issues warranting dismissal and termination by the coach might include: repeated failure to attend sessions, offenses of inappropriate or disrespectful behaviour, failures to pay tuition or cancelation fees and if it is in the best interest the coach feels sessions are no longer serving one or both parties.  



LCM award entries are not included in the session fee price and are an additional cost made via the client. 

The first and last 5-10 minutes of each session will be reserved for check-ins and check-outs, allowing time for questions, recapping and assignments. 

Working alliance will be created, amended and adjusted throughout your journey inclusive of ongoing ‘mini’ verbal contracts and requests to respect the boundaries of both the client and the coach. 

Visitors are not permitted into the studio unless specifically arranged and expected. 

Please do not turn up for your session if you are unwell. 



The studio is a safe space – abiding by these procedures ensures a healthy and successful environment for the client as well as for myself. 


For more information, vocal recourses/materials and products please visit 

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