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You Can Sing was created for anyone who loves to sing!


Take your passion to the next level with this guided workbook aimed to enhance your knowledge, spark new interests and build practise with singing.


Designed for beginners AND professionals of all ages as a fun, relaxing and enjoyable book that you can work through at your own pace, tailor your experience and refer back to time and time again…


What’s inside? Over 40 activities including:

🎤Online audio

🎤Affirmations & Mindset Shifts

🎤Digital Piano

🎤Anatomy & Facts

🎤Daily Practise Journal & More!!!


Perfect for anyone wanting to


✅Gain confidence in vocal ability


✅Discover new interests


✅Cultivate a positive mindset


✅Find an entry point for singing lessons


✅Support their artistry/musicianship


✅Improve awareness as a singer


✅Maintain vocal health & stamina

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